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SEA LIFE Manchester

Visit Manchester’s only aquarium and meet Ernie the Giant Green Sea Turtle.

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SEA LIFE Manchester

SEA LIFE takes you on an amazing underwater journey of discovery. Get close to magical marine animals, enjoy our hands-on, interactive rockpool, and find out how the SEA LIFE Breed, Rescue and Protect programmes are helping to conserve the oceans. Wander through our family-friendly exhibits to explore a whole new world and discover more than 5,000 stunning sea creatures.

Discover the new and interactive Jurassic Ranger experience, where you get to be part of a journey back in time! Be amazed at our creatures who’s evolution has withstood the test of time. From the Nautilus, creatures who’s gas chambered anatomy haven’t changed for over 400 millions years to our Lung Fish, a fish who has the extraordinary evolutionary trait of being a fish who can breathe air! Be brave enough to touch a slithery and scaly descendant from the past and meet our royal pythons or corn snake and learn about their amazing survival skills. Become the best Jurassic Ranger and even hold a slimy Giant African Land Snail!

With plenty of real fossils and artifacts on show, discover what it takes to become Jurassic Ranger!

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