Alton Towers Resort - Sharkbait Reef

Descend into the depths and explore a world beneath the wrecked galleon in Mutiny Bay. For one Golden Experience Ticket, Captain Black and his dastardly crew will offer up an exclusive, guided tour of the SEA LIFE Centre that is Sharkbait Reef. 

Guided by your very own Aquarist Wizard (yes, they exist), discover the Reef’s blacktip sharks and chocolate chip starfish, its seahorses and its spotted rays. Then dip your hands into the UK’s first interactive Tropical Pool for a gentle manicure from the shrimp that swim within. It’s an experience like no other – you could even say that it’s Golden. 

How To Book

V.I.P. Wizards can book by emailing – please give at least two weeks’ notice (swimming around casually for onlookers takes practice, and we need time to feel a little guilt at not polishing Nemesis and Air ahead of your arrival).

The (inevitable) small print

  • The Sharkbait Reef Golden Experience takes approximately 45 non-wizard minutes (the same as wizard minutes, but without a pointy hat).
  • Oh yes, Sharkbait Reef also requires at least two V.I.P. Wizards to take part (Captain Black likes an audience).
  • These Golden Experiences are offered to you subject to availability: we can’t promise that they’ll be available on your preferred dates.
  • Whichever you choose, maintain your (hard-won) dignity, control your (wholly reasonable) excitement and remember to bring your valid V.I.P. Merlin Annual Pass/es and Golden Experience ticket/s.
  • Once you’ve booked an event and used your Golden Experience ticket, it’s non-refundable and non-exchangeable.
  • Besides this small print, the usual V.I.P. T&Cs also apply (naturally).
  • For the hat-trick, so do those for Alton Towers Resort which you can see here.