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Your magical passport to
31 Worlds of FUN


People of Britain, you face a choice. An important choice. One that could change your whole year. You can choose decency and dignity and spend your year mowing your lawn, grouting your tiles or visiting in-laws. That’s a responsible choice, a respectable choice – a predictable choice.

But now there’s a different choice. Now you can be spontaneous, audacious – even outrageous. Now you can choose FUN! All you need is a Merlin Annual Pass – your key to 31 Worlds of FUN. Worlds bursting with incredible sights, phenomenal thrills and wondrous contraptions. Worlds where you can become a gallant knight or towering giant; an infamous villain or A-list celebrity; a deep sea diver or fearless explorer. Worlds to swoop and loop and soar and fall, backwards and forwards, again and again. Those sorts of worlds.

In 2015, politicians will offer you this and promise you that. They’ll kiss babies, point fingers and sling mud. We say only this: choose to be irrepressible, choose to be irreverent and...

vote silly, vote noisy, VOTE FUN!

Attraction Finder

Attraction Finder

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Friends & Family

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Holiday Discounts

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