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Merlin Annual Pass Drinks Capsules 2014

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Merlin Annual Pass Drinks Capsules 2014

We’ve just made some magical improvements to the Merlin Annual Pass drinks capsule. You can now buy this this year’s Merlin Annual Pass drinks capsule for just £1.99 from Chessington World of Adventures Resort, Warwick Castle, LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort, THORPE PARK and Alton Towers Resort. And once you have it, you can refill it as much as you like for just 75p per refill. Why on earth have we done this?

Glad you asked (no, seriously). Three amazingly good reasons, actually. First, we wanted to make sure that Passholders and Members get the best possible value from the drinks capsule. So first we did some customer research. This told us how frequently the average capsule is refilled each year. Then our boffin wizards crunched some numbers and did some other clever things and the result is this new capsule, which based on this research will give you better value over the year.

Second, following the customer research we’ve also made the capsules a little smaller to make sure your drinks stay fresher and fizzier for longer. And for those of you who brought up fizzy vs non-fizzy drinks – read on.

Third, we wanted to stick it to the wasps, pure and simple. In previous years we’ve had a problem with drinks being thrown away and in warm weather this causes a problem with wasps which, we are committed to beating. On the new Merlin Annual Pass quenchers you’ll now notice an ‘anti-wasp’ message, asking you not to pour unwanted drink onto the ground. Instead, we’ll happily empty it and rinse it for you between refills. Clean capsules, fewer wasps, what’s not to like?

Can you only use it for fizzy drinks?

Funny you should mention that. Some customers told us that not all of you want to drink fizzy drinks. So as part of these magical improvements, we’ve added a non-fizzy-soft-drink option when you refill your quencher. You’ll be able to find these unfizzy refills at designated refill stations throughout all of our UK theme parks.

Is this magically brilliant new capsule available only to Merlin Annual Passholders, or can Merlin Members get them too?

Delighted you love it so much already! Both Merlin Annual Passholders and Merlin Members can buy this, as you call it, ‘magically brilliant new capsule’.

Why do you think this is better for Passholders & Members?

We’re always trying to improve your experience as Passholders and Merlin Members. These improvements have been prompted by customers telling us how they use their capsules, and asking us to make particular improvements. As a result, these changes should give you better value over the course of the year; and keep fizzy drinks fizzy for longer; and let you choose non-fizzy refills; and involve magic (which is nice); AND disappoint wasps (which is nicer still).

Finally, we really want you to have a brilliant time as Merlin Annual Passholders and Members. Remember, theme park season is just around the corner (honest) and we hope that you find yourself sharing some amazing experiences with your family and friends so that this year becomes not just exceptional, or merely memorable, but extraordinary. Spellbinding, even.

Small Print

  • Capsules are valid until 31st December 2014.
  • Lost or damaged capsules cannot be replaced
  • You must show a valid Merlin Annual Pass or Merlin Membership Card to purchase the 75p refill
  • The Merlin Annual Pass & Membership Capsule price (£1.99) and refill price (75p) are subject to change without warning.
  • Capsules and refills are subject to availability
  • Any Passholders with 2013 Merlin Annual Pass capsules linked to their current pass expiry will continue to receive free refills until their pass expires.
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