Services for disabled Passholders

We understand that some of our guests require assistance when visiting our attractions and we therefore offer a number of services to provide assistance.

Thesee include:

A Complimentary Carer Pass

Should a disabled Merlin Annual Passholder require assistance on their visits to our attractions, we issue one complimentary pass per disabled Passholder to be used by any carer - this is transferable between carers; the carer Pass is issued to the disabled guests and carers' Passes will have the name, date of birth and a photo of the disabled guest.

To obtain a complimentary carer pass, a Merlin Annual Pass will need to be purchased in the usual way; online, over the phone or at a local attraction. The complimentary carer pass will then be issued on your first visit to your selected home attraction.

You'll need to provide proof of disability when getting your Passes issued, this can be any of the following:

  • Disabled Living Allowance letter (DLA)
  • Blue Badge (photo ID required)
  • Signed letter from GP (photo ID required)

Remember you will not need to pay for the carer pass. Therefore, if your group consists of four people, including the carer, you will need to pay for three people and collect the free carer pass on your first visit. When renewing, you will need to present these documents again as we recognise that disabled status and assistance required may change from year-to-year.

See pricing for: New Passes or Renewals.

There are a few things to note regarding the complimentary carer pass:

  1. The carer pass cannot be used without being accompanied by the disabled Passholder it belongs to. This is because the Pass is designed to offer assistance to the disabled guest only.
  2. There must be at least one responsible adult in the visiting party (the party means the disabled guest and the guest using the carer Pass) in order for the party to enter an attraction.

Other services

Type Talk

When speaking to us via telephone we accept all TypeTalk calls. All of our agents are fully trained to use this service.

Hearing Aid Assistance

Many of our attractions have the hearing assistance service for anyone using a hearing aid.

Disabled Access Pass

Guests with certain disabilities are able to get a disabled access pass which means they can enter via the ride exit to avoid the queuing. Please see the disabled guides below for further information.

Disabled Guides

To assist you with planning your visits to our attraction please see the specific attraction guides below: