Entry to the Warwick Castle Dungeon

As a Premium Merlin Annual Passholder you get complimentary entry into the Castle Dungeon at Warwick Castle.

As a Premium Merlin Annual Passholder you are entitled to complimentary entry into the Warwick Castle

The Castle Dungeon dates back to 1345, when Warwick was gripped by the plague. Through the 7 rooms, brave souls get to meet characters such as a torturer with an unhealthy passion for implements used for torture, the Castle cook who delights in using ‘interesting’ ingredients and the judge waiting to sentence the accused to a lifetime in the dark and dank dungeons. Our newest room, The Witches of Warwick, where the morbid history of Moll Bloxham, an accused witch in the 1700’s is retold. Beware of the waiting terror when the lights go out…

Please note the Castle Dungeon is not included in the Standard Merlin Annual Pass and only a limited number of complimentary tickets are available for Premium Merlin Annual Passholders on the day given on a first come first serve basis.

Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle

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