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The Blackpool Tower

An Iconic British Landmark

Built-in 1894, it stands 518ft tall and is home to four amazing attractions:

  • The Blackpool Tower Eye
  • The Blackpool Tower Ballroom
  • The Blackpool Tower Circus
  • The Blackpool Tower Dungeon

Buy Your Pass Now

How do I use my pass at this attraction?

  • Passholders must pre-book before visiting the attraction.
  • A simple wave of your Merlin Annual Pass magically grants you super-swift access (via lifts, actually) to the top of the Blackpool Tower Eye, where you can gasp in awe at its stunning, panoramic views before braving the glass-bottomed Sky Walk.
  • And there’s more: your Pass also lets you into our breath-taking 4D cinema experience, as well as the magnificent Blackpool Tower Circus – guarantee your entry time by booking in advance here for £5 per ticket.
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