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NEW and exciting things to look forward to in 2024!

  • Thursday January 11th 2024
  • Merlin Annual Pass

Thorpe Park Hyperia Coaster

After last years’ success with the opening the World of Jumanji, The Curse at Alton Manor, and the LEGO® Ferrari Build & Race Experience, it would be hard to top that in 2024… But this year we have so many things to be excited about including epic events, new coasters, the launch of a 10-acre Woodland Village, and so much more! So, check out some of the most anticipated things to be excited about this year.  

Hyperia Taking Flight

Hyperia – The UK’s tallest and fastest rollercoaster! 

Where: Thorpe Park 

‘Find Your Fearless’ on the UK’s tallest and fastest rollercoaster, Hyperia! This golden goddess will lift you to all-new heights, towering 236ft above the landscape. Take your seat and prepare for the journey of a lifetime as you touch the sky and glide over glistening waters at speeds of over 80mph. Hyperia is unlike anything you’ve experienced before, featuring a world’s-first twist, Europe’s tallest inversion, and more weightless moments than any coaster in the nation!  

Will you be one of the first to try it out in 2024?  

BIG Easy

Party hard in Big Easy Boulevard!  

Where: Thorpe Park 

Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the new land ‘Big Easy Boulevard’ where exhilarating energy fills the street! Here, life is a breeze as the locals have mastered the art of not taking things too seriously. Brace yourself for the ultimate blast on ‘Detonator’ where you’ll drop 100ft to an epic firework finale! Fuel the fun on the Dodgems, our classic bumper car ride that guarantees laughter for the whole family and absorb yourself in the sensory delights of the 4D Cinema! Let the good times roll!  

Nemesis 2048X1456

Nemesis Reborn!  

Where: Alton Towers Resort 

Deep in the Thunder Valley area of Alton Towers Resort, a routine excavation led to a shocking discovery - Nemesis, an alien predator from another dimension. This dangerous creature had been hidden, lying dormant until it was disturbed and awoken from its slumber. Once awake, it began to feed and wreak havoc on the surrounding area. The ensuing battle to contain the beast resulted in the near destruction of Thunder Valley, leaving behind a post-apocalyptic landscape that is now known as Forbidden Valley. 

In 1994, the situation reached a critical point, and the Phalanx, a private military organization, was mobilized to deal with Nemesis. Their extreme security division managed to pin the beast down with 250 tonnes of steel, successfully containing it. A security silence fell over Forbidden Valley and for years that followed, everything seemed to be under control, and the world moved on.  

Then in 2022 the normally secretive Phalanx revealed that they would be closing the area to carry out investigations… Now in 2024 Nemesis Reborn is expected to open.  

Will you be visiting? 

MFS MAP Blog 1

Minifigure Speedway – NEW duelling rollercoaster 

Where: The LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort 

Minifigure Speedway will open in Spring 2024 and is the UK’s first LEGO® duelling rollercoaster, exclusively racing at the LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort. The £10m investment in Minifigure Speedway is part of the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort’s ambition to create a world class Resort destination for the future. The duelling rollercoaster offers an exhilarating experience for the whole family featuring cars that race forwards and in reverse on dual tracks. Minifigure Speedway will be the fastest coaster at the Resort – reaching up to 56km/h! 

Woodland Village

NEW Woodland Village  

Where: The LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort 

Reconnect with nature after a full day of adventurous play at The LEGOLAND Windsor Resort. Nestled amongst the trees, The Woodland Village lodges are the ultimate way to stay for a unique and memory-filled short break.  

Lodges sleep between 2-5 people with a separate sleeping nest for little adventurers, whilst the 10 Premium Lodges can sleep up to 7 people. Camp with style under the stars in our new camping barrels, where you can relax and recharge with everything you need for a cosy night’s stay amid the outdoors. 

The 10-acre site which is designed around the Resort’s woodland area will also host an enchanting nature trail, complete with an amazing variety of animals built out of LEGO® bricks, including new characters and our resident rangers – Alex & Lena. 

Will you be staying over?  


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