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You're A Star

You're a Star Merlin Annual Pass

You're A Star Award

Check out our all new You’re a Star award for Passholders!

What is the You’re a Star award?

The You’re a Star award has been launched to recognise those Merlin Annual Passholders who have been absolute stars! The badge will be awarded to Passholders who have done something to be proud of within the Passholder community – something that shouldn’t go unnoticed!

We’ll be on the look out for Passholder Stars but we’d also like to give Passholders the opportunity to nominate others within the community.

When should I nominate a Passholder?

Here are some examples of when a You're a Star badge may be awarded...

  • For an amazing fundraising challenge
  • Supporting others within the community
  • Going above and beyond as a Passholder
  • A random act of kindness while on park
  • And many more!

Ultimately, it’s about being a true ambassador for Merlin Annual Pass! So, keep an eye out for Stars within the community and when you come across one, let us know!

Here are a few rules when nominating a star...

  • You can only nominate 3 stars per month
  • Your nomination must be timely - we want to hear about things which have happened within the past couple of months
  • Both you and the nominee must be Merlin Annual Passholders

Our 2022 stars were...

Congratulations to the below Passholder Stars! A big thank you from everyone at Merlin Annual Pass for your contribution to the community. If you would like to know the reason for your nomination and to receive your certificate and pop badge, please email us at with your name and address. 

December 2022

  • Paul Robinson
  • Emma Kirkwood
  • Samuel Sheppard
  • Jenni Taylor
  • Charlene Fullwood
  • Sophia Hamilton-Green
  • Alex Fielding
  • Leah Hollobone
  • David Harley
  • Millie Homer
  • Beth Clarke

October 2022

  • Florence Upton
  • Logan Reid
  • Callum Leggett
  • Mike Hartnell
  • Joanne Davies
  • Mandy Roe
  • Jessica Whitelock
  • Lewis Baker
  • Charlie Duffield
  • Chloe Jackson
  • Anthony Amoussa
  • Sunny Thaicharoen
  • Mandy Roe
  • Isla Glindon
  • Cassy Radford
  • David Smith Stewart
  • Lisa Hopkins
  • Chelsea Mildred Ellis
  • Riley Herron
  • Annabeth Leggett

June 2022

  • Keegan Hammond
  • Elliot Mitchell
  • Shay Connelley
  • Gregory Oakley-Stevenson
  • Anne Wicks
  • Frankie Gibney
  • Suzanne Smethurst
  • Natalie Wiltshire 
  • Simon Bangs
  • Frances Plummer
  • Simone Anderton
  • Zara Drake
  • Sidney Wood
  • Bobby Poole
  • Philippa Clements
  • Connor Arnell
  • Adam Bysouth
  • Elyssia Dixon
  • Gemma Richardson
  • Caitlin Carton
  • Charlie Duffield
  • Paul Jones
  • Alex Yates
  • Archie Bristoll
  • Finley Bedford
  • Sofia Allum