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Pin Badge Quest!

  • Tuesday May 14th 2024
  • Merlin Annual Pass
  • Chessington World of Adventures

World Of Jumanji Photo

Throughout the year there’ll be dates where Duty Managers will have limited edition pin badges in their pockets and to receive one, you must give them a secret password…  

We'll be dropping hints and clues across our social channels, so you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled to unlock the first giveaway date and password. 

BUT here’s the catch! There are only 500 pin badges to claim on these special days. So, you need to be ready to claim yours as soon as you know the date and the password!  

Stay connected, stay vigilant, and get ready to collect them all. 


Pin badges can only be claimed on special days. These dates will be revealed on social media and through emails. So, keep your eyes peeled!  

We obviously can’t tell you that! Each date for giveaways will come with its own password which you’ll have to work out yourself from clues on social media.  

There are only 500 of each limited-edition pin badge, so you’ll have to be quick to claim one! Staff will only give people in attendance a pin badge, so if you’re a family you’ll need to be together for everyone to get a badge.  

Only our Duty Managers will have a pin badge, which means you need to look out for staff carrying litter pickers. Not ALL staff with litter pickers will be a Duty Manager, so during this time frame, each Duty Manager will have yellow tape around their litter picker – so stay vigilant!