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Link your Nimbus Disability/Access Card to a Merlin Ride Access Pass

Before starting this process, please ensure that you have a current valid Access Card or a unique reference number from your successful application, without these we will be unable to link your account.

Once your Access Card has been authenticated click the below button to link your card to our system. Your Ride Access Pass unique code is pre-populated - please do not amend this.

If you stopped at height over 100ft in the air for an extended length of time, or; if you were evacuated from a roller coaster (which may include using harnesses, steps or ladders), would you require physical or emotional support from a companion? 

If there was a complex situation, or; if you were evacuated from a roller coaster in an unusual stopping point at extreme height that required you to understand health & safety instructions and verbally communicate your requirements; would you require support from a companion?