London Dungeons - Lates

V.I.P. Wizards: we know how successfully you epitomise true wizardly virtue and we think you deserve a break. This Golden Experience invites you to be bad, be bold and (crucially) be brave and tiptoe down to Lates at the London Dungeon – a special tour for wicked sophisticates with kids thrown out and drinks thrown in.

Lates is a cheeky mix of theatre, special effects and unforgettable storytelling with humour, wit and edge-of-the-seat surprises to, um, die for. Your evening begins in our decadent Gin Palace Bar, where you can (and, frankly, should) steel your nerves with an authentic Victorian cocktail, served by our darkly mischievous barmaid. Spirits fortified, delve into our dressing-up box as you prepare to leave the safe predictability of everyday life.

It is now time to descend into the dark, sinister bowels of the Dungeon and embark on a thrill-filled journey through 1,000 years of London’s murky past, guided by some of its most notorious villains. Meet Sweeney Todd and Mrs Lovett, and try out her pies (they’re really very moreish; do get the recipe). Brave the toxic streets of the Great Plague and visit the Ten Bells pub in Whitechapel – a favoured haunt of Jack the Ripper. And just when you’re sure your nerves can take no more, face your fears on the terrifying Drop Ride.

Be warned: this Golden Experience is only for adults – no junior wizards may come. Remember to bring along your V.I.P. Pass, your Golden Experience ticket.

Please contact our dedicated events team on who will book you into your time slot


The (inevitable) small print

  • This event is only open to adult V.I.P. Merlin Annual Passholders. However much you may deserve some time in our Dungeon, if you’re not an adult and a V.I.P., this is one you’ll need to skip.
  • There is a maximum of 2 Golden Tickets per V.I.P. Passholder to use on each event, subject to availability.
  • However nervous you are on the day, try to hold yourself together long enough to bring your valid V.I.P. Merlin Annual Pass/es, Golden Experience ticket/s and your e-ticket/s. Don’t assume it doesn’t matter if you forget them because a) it really does; b) it’s a dungeon; c) see b.
  • The lawyers have asked us to explain that a ‘complimentary’ ticket is one for which no payment is required. It does not mean a ticket that gives out compliments. (Goodness knows, they’d love some, but magic is precious stuff – we can’t simply fritter it away on sycophantic tickets just to give legal egos a boost.)
  • Once you’ve booked this event and used your Golden Experience ticket, it’s non-refundable and non-exchangeable.
  • Merlin Entertainments have the right to change or cancel this event without notice for any reason.
  • We also have the right to lock you in the Dungeon, throw away the keys and whistle innocently if somebody comes looking. (See? It pays to read all the small print.)