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Polar Adventure at SEA LIFE London

Polar Adventure

Brrr-ace yourself for the chills and thrills of our new Polar Adventure! Prepare for an expedition like no other as you journey through spectacular icy landscapes across the North and South Pole; where you'll meet the awe-inspiring animals from beneath and above the ice.

Waddle alongside our Gentoo penguins before braving the cracking crevasse and facing our life-size AR polar bear. So explorer, are you ready for a Polar adventure?

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Coral Kingdom

A spectacle of colour is arriving at SEA LIFE London with the UK’s largest living coral reef being unveiled in our new Coral Kingdom.

Prepare to see regal tangs, cardinalfish, clownfish and many more swim through our 40ft long tank.

Discover what it’s like for our creatures on the reef with our clownfish challenge as you weave, dive and shuffle your way through the reef just like our clownfish residents here.

How do I use my pass at this attraction?

  • Passholders must pre-book before visiting the attraction.
  • Please note, bookings cannot be made after 5pm for the next day. We would recommend booking as early as possible.