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How to Keep the Kids Entertained During COVID-19

  • Thursday March 26th 2020
  • Merlin Annual Pass
  • Things to do

The Gruffalo, Stick Man and The Witch at Chessington World of Adventures Resort

Are you missing your Merlin Pass adventures?

Keep the 'Merlin Magic' alive by weaving in Merlin-related activities to your child's homeschooling schedule. Tag us in your creations on social using hashtag #MakingMagicWithMerlin

Warwick Castle

History Unlocked with Warwick Castle

Defending a castle

How did a castle's design help it from attack?

Download here

Birds of Prey wordsearch

Can you find all the birds of prey from The Falconer's Quest in this wordsearch?

Download here

Castle colouring!

Time to get creative - don't forget to share them with us on social media!

Download here

ZUFARI at Chessington World of Adventures Resort

Colouring Sheets for Kids

Chessington World of Adventures Resort


Kito the Giraffe

LEGOLAND Windsor Resort



Activity Ideas

Pop Badges

1) Pop badge treasure hunt

  • Choose 15 - 20 different pop badges from your collection
  • Write a list of the pop badges, briefly describing each one 
  • Hide them around the house or in the garden
  • Give your children the list of pop badges to find - or create a map with clues if you're feeling extra creative!

Shrek's Adventure! London

2) Write a short story about Shrek's Adventure!

An example writing task -

"Donkey is taking a well-deserved break. He needs you to be the temporary driver for the 4-D magical flying bus. What adventures would you go on? Write a story in first person."

SEA LIFE Weymouth

3) Paint a picture featuring your favourite SEA LIFE creatures

With the majority of the UK on lockdown, now is the time to dust off the new paint set or get out those colouring pencils which are still in the packaging!

Get creative with your children and paint or colour in a picture of the underwater world. 

Include creatures such as Penguins, Clownfish, Starfish, Sharks and Turtles. 

Extraordinary Golf at Alton Towers Resort

4) Use LEGO® bricks to build your own crazy golf course

Whilst SEA LIFE Weymouth and Alton Towers' crazy golf courses are closed, why not set up your own?

Build small bridges out of LEGO® bricks and set up your own 9-hole golf course. Alternatively, if you don't have any LEGO® bricks at home, use old plastic plant pots or empty toilet paper tubes.

Vampire at Chessington World of Adventures Resort

5) Make your own rollercoaster out of play dough

Whilst our theme parks are temporarily closed due to Coronavirus, why not make your own model rollercoasters out of play dough or paper mache. 

Once the theme parks reopen, be sure to visit Alton Towers for the brand new Gangsta Granny: The Ride and the new DUPLO Coaster at LEGOLAND® Windsor!

The Smiler