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What’s inside Peter Rabbit™: Explore and Play at Blackpool

  • Friday August 19th 2022
  • Merlin Annual Pass

Peter Rabbit Explore And Play Blackpool 04

Passholders - the summer holidays have officially kick started and we know you’re busy planning your adventures! If you’re looking for a sunny staycation in the UK but are still keen to make the most out of your Merlin Annual Passes, Blackpool is the place to be.

This Lancashire seaside town is the perfect destination to make magical memories as a family this summer, with your annual pass unlocking access to five top UK attractions including SEA LIFE BlackpoolMadame Tussauds BlackpoolThe Blackpool Tower (including The Circus) and The Blackpool Tower Dungeon!

But it doesn’t stop there… If you have younger ones to entertain, check out Merlin’s all-new Peter Rabbit™: Explore and Play Blackpool experience! Designed with younger children in mind, this adorable attraction brings the story of Peter Rabbit™ to life in an interactive multi-sensory way. Young explorers are encouraged to use rabbit-like skills and complete challenges located in themed zones throughout Peter’s world. Complete all the challenges in this 45-minute-long adventure and you’ll get the chance to join the Secret Treehouse Club, unlocking your treehouse badge!

Passholders can use their Merlin Annual Pass to unlock a £5 discount on children’s tickets here.

Ready to see what awaits you at Peter Rabbit™: Explore and Play?!

Kershaw Peter Rabbit


Use all of your senses to explore the home of Jeremy Fisher! Jump and splash around the pond and find the frogs and fishes hiding beneath the water. Join Jeremy in making pond music as you play the lily pad drums and strum the musical reed grass. Then discover nature with Lily Bobtail as you find insects and make them magically change colour!


Your little ones will love this themed soft play area! Search for Peter and his friends as you climb through the vegetable patch, squeeze through Mr McGregor's prize-winning carrots and whizz down the mudslide to escape from Mr McGregor. Here you’ll find interactive games, jigsaw puzzles and mirrors galore!


Test the incredible inventions that Mr Bouncer has been busy creating. To be a rabbit it is important that you understand the need for recycling, as human rubbish is the source of all precious inventions! Put on your x-ray specs to scan the garden for secret vegetables, see who is calling on the maze of hosepipe telephones and find out how Mr Bouncer has harnessed the power of radishes to create electricity!


Welcome to the home of Peter Rabbit! Mrs Rabbit has written a delicious menu for dinner but has had to dash out! Can you help get dinner ready? Follow the recipe and put the correct ingredients into the pot. Once dinner is ready it's time to help set the table before the family are home.


The Secret Treehouse is the last and BEST stop on your adventure as you get the chance to meet Peter Rabbit himself! Make sure you’ve completed all the challenges and collected the secret stamps to be awarded your special secret treehouse badge. Then meet, greet and ‘high-paw’ Peter to complete your adventure!

Meet Peter and his friends!


There's no such thing as a dull day if you're friends with the rabbit in the blue jacket! To Peter Rabbit’s six-year-old eyes, the fields, valleys, and woods are alive with wonder and potential adventure. Peter has an infectious enthusiasm for life whether he's tasting the delicious freshness of a new spring shoot or discovering that an old puffball can be used to make smoke signals, Peter is our guide to a world of infinite discovery. To Peter, there are never any problems, only possibilities. He is cool under pressure and his quick-witted mind is as nimble as his super-fast legs. It's also what sets him apart from some of his friends. He lives by the words his father said the day he took his first steps, "A good rabbit never gives up!"


Lily bobtail spent the early part of her life in a burrow. She often had her nose in a book from her father’s office. She relishes new experiences, and nothing can stop her from joining in. Feisty and plucky, Lily shares Peter's love of adventure and the great outdoors. She also has the loudest whistle Peter's ever heard and can jump the highest of all of them. Okay, she might do odd things (like talk to her pet ladybug, Florence) and she might have strange ideas (like thinking she can "reason" with Mr. Tod), but time and again Lily proves to be a real asset to the team.


At five-years-old Benjamin is slightly younger than peter and he utterly hero-worships his big cousin. He is up for anything Peter suggests, especially if it's got to do with swiping radishes. Even though Benjamin secretly prefers carrots, he pretends to like radishes more just to impress Peter! And even though it will usually be Benjamin who accidentally throws a spanner in the works, Peter couldn't wish for a better natured, loyal companion. Benjamin is one of life's lovably clumsy individuals… if there's a bucket to be tripped over, Benjamin will be the rabbit who trips over it. He's always in the wrong place at the worst time.


Mr. Jeremy Fisher loves nothing more than to plan dinner parties, enjoy dinner parties and talk about legendary dinner parties he has hosted in the past. There's an air of faded glamour around Mr. Fisher, or to be more specific in his case, sunken glamour (his actual home sunk to the bottom of Esthwaite Water long ago). But Mr. Fisher is nothing if not optimistic: he'll only admit to a "slight damp problem." There's not a fish that Mr. Fisher doesn't know the name of nor a dragonfly he hasn't seen, which Lily in particular finds very impressive. Mr. Fisher was a great friend and fishing buddy of Peter's father. Peter loves to quiz him about the "old days" and often learns intriguing new facts about his father's adventures.


Responsible Mrs. Rabbit represents the heart of Peter's home life. No matter what happens to him during the day, no matter how much trouble he gets into, Peter knows that his mother will always welcome him home with unconditional love and a warm embrace. A strong, practical mother, she provides for her brood in the most resourceful and traditional ways, knitting and selling rabbit-wool mittens as well as teas and herbs to the residents of the woods. Mrs. Rabbit is usually to be found busying herself in the burrow and it is mainly on Peter's fleeting visits home, for a quick bite and breather between adventures. Mrs Rabbit loves preparing delicious meals in the glowing fireplace, including Peter's favourite, Radish Soup.


Mr. Bouncer is Benjamin's father, a lovable but rather incompetent amateur inventor who has turned their home into something of a chaotic workshop. A doting father to Benjamin, Mr. Bouncer's parenting style has never been the simple, ordered, traditional approach of his sister, Mrs. Rabbit, but rather has involved the constant creation of over-engineered contraptions. He may be nothing like Peter's father, setting out on an audacious adventure, but Peter likes him all the same. His experimental machines are a constant source of amusement for Peter!

*Adults must be accompanied by a child aged 14 and under to be able to enter. Peter RabbitTM: Explore and Play Blackpool is recommended for children aged 4 and under.